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Are you tired of being greeted by a strong, unpleasant odor every time you enter your home? Does the smell linger even after cleaning up after your furry friend? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. OdorXpert offers the best Dog Odor Removal service in Calabasas to help eliminate those stubborn dog odors and bring freshness back into your life! Whether it’s urine stains or pet dander that is causing the problem, our team of experts will leave no stone unturned in getting rid of those pesky smells. So sit tight and let us take care of all your dog odor removal needs!  

What is Dog Odor Removal?

Dog odor removal refers to the process of getting rid of unpleasant smells caused by dogs in homes, cars or other spaces. These odors are often a result of pet urine stains, dander, and saliva that can penetrate surfaces and linger long after cleaning. They not only create an uncomfortable environment for you but also make your guests feel unwelcome. Dog odor removal is essential for maintaining a fresh living space and keeping allergies at bay. While regular cleaning may temporarily mask the smell, it’s important to address the underlying cause if you want to get rid of it permanently. There are several methods used for dog odor removal depending on the severity of the issue. The most common ones include steam cleaning, sprays, enzymatic cleaners, and generators. However, each method has its own benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before selecting one. Professional dog odor removal services like OdorXpert use advanced equipment and techniques to identify all sources of odors before applying effective solutions tailored toward specific needs. This way they ensure complete elimination rather than just masking the problem with temporary solutions. In summary, dog odor removal is necessary for creating a comfortable living space free from unwanted smells caused by our furry friends. It’s always best to seek professional help when dealing with stubborn odors since they have both expertise and specialized tools needed to provide permanent solutions tailored toward individual needs without compromising safety standards  

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Types of Dog Odor Removal

When it comes to dog odor removal, there are various methods that can be used depending on the type and severity of the smell. One method is using enzymatic cleaners which break down the organic matter causing the odor. These cleaners are effective for removing urine or fecal odors. Another option is activated charcoal, which absorbs odors from the air and surfaces in your home. This method is great for general pet odors like a wet dog smells. Baking soda can also be used to neutralize odors by absorbing them from carpets, furniture, and other surfaces. It’s a safe and natural alternative to chemical-based products. For more stubborn smells, generators may be necessary as they release gas molecules that attach themselves to odor-causing particles, breaking them down completely. Ultimately, it’s important to choose an appropriate method based on the specific situation at hand in order to achieve optimal results when dealing with dog odor removal.  

What is OdorXpert?

OdorXpert is a professional odor removal company that specializes in removing unpleasant odors from residential and commercial spaces. They have been serving the Calabasas area for several years, offering high-quality services to their clients. OdorXpert uses advanced techniques and specialized equipment to identify and eliminate the source of any foul smells. Their team of experts is highly trained in identifying different types of odors and choosing the best method for remediation. One thing that sets OdorXpert apart from other companies is its commitment to using eco-friendly products. They understand how important it is to provide a safe environment for both humans and pets while still effectively eliminating odors. Moreover, they believe in providing exceptional customer service by being honest, transparent, timely, and effective with their services. Their aim is not just to remove the odor but also to ensure that customers are satisfied with their work. In summary, OdorXpert offers reliable and efficient odor removal services with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. With years of experience behind them, they are well-equipped to tackle any kind of odor-related problem you may be facing!  

What services does OdorXpert offer?

At OdorXpert, we understand how unpleasant and persistent dog odors can be. That’s why we offer a variety of services to help you eliminate those stubborn smells once and for all. Our first service is the Initial Consultation, where our experts will come to your home or business to assess the severity of the odor problem. We’ll identify any sources of odor and determine which treatment plan will work best for you. Afterward, we offer Interior Treatment Services that involve deep-cleaning carpeting, flooring, and other surfaces affected by dog urine or feces. Our team uses specialized equipment as well as eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for both pets and humans. We also provide Air Treatment Services that aim at removing airborne particles responsible for causing unpleasant odors in your indoor air. Our air purifiers function with high-efficiency HEPA filters that trap impurities such as allergens from pet dander and bad smells. We have Exterior Treatments available if necessary. This service involves spraying a water-based solution on outdoor surfaces like patios or decks where dogs typically roam around making them more resistant to bacteria growth caused by their waste. Our comprehensive approach guarantees the complete elimination of pet odors leaving behind fresh clean scents throughout your property!  

How do OdorXpert's services work?

OdorXpert’s dog odor removal services are designed to eliminate stubborn dog odors that regular cleaning methods cannot handle. But how do their services work? First, OdorXpert’s team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or property to determine the severity and source of the odor. They use advanced technology such as black lights and moisture meters to identify problem areas. Once identified, they apply an eco-friendly solution that penetrates deep into surfaces where the smell has embedded itself. This solution breaks down the odor at its source, eliminating it completely rather than masking it with air fresheners. The application process is quick and efficient, taking only a few hours depending on the size of your space. Once complete, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in air quality and overall freshness. OdorXpert also offers follow-up treatments if necessary for severe cases or recurring odors. Their goal is not just to remove the smell temporarily but to provide long-term solutions for their clients’ satisfaction. In short, OdorXpert uses advanced technology combined with eco-friendly solutions to tackle even the most stubborn dog odors efficiently and effectively.  

How OdorXpert Can Help You

OdorXpert is the go-to service provider for anyone in Calabasas facing dog odor problems. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we can help you eliminate even the toughest of dog odors from your home or workplace. Firstly, our team of professionals will conduct a thorough inspection to identify the source of the odor. This allows us to tailor our solutions based on your unique situation. We understand that every scenario is different and requires a customized approach. Secondly, OdorXpert uses eco-friendly products in all its services which are non-toxic and safe for both pets and humans. Our commitment to sustainable practices ensures no harm comes to anyone or anything during the removal process. Thirdly, with years of experience under our belts, we have developed advanced techniques that guarantee effective dog odor removal without damaging any surfaces or materials in your space. OdorXpert promises timely delivery and guaranteed satisfaction with every job we undertake. We work around your schedule so that you don’t have to put your life on hold while dealing with unpleasant odors. With these benefits at hand, it’s clear why OdorXpert is known as Calabasas’ best Dog Odour Removal Service provider!  


Dog odor removal refers to the process of eliminating unpleasant smells caused by dogs from homes or businesses.
Dog odor can be caused by a variety of factors, including urine and feces, sweat glands, skin oils, and bacteria on their fur.
At OdorXpert, we use advanced technology such as generators and machines to eradicate odors completely.

How to Remove Dog Odor

Removing dog odor can be a challenging task, but it is not impossible. Here are some tips to help you remove dog odor from your home. Firstly, identify the source of the odor. Look for any areas where your dog may have urinated or defecated, and thoroughly clean these areas using an enzymatic cleaner. This will break down the protein molecules in urine and eliminate any odors. Next, make sure to wash any bedding or blankets that your dog has come into touch with regularly. Use hot water and a pet-safe detergent to effectively remove any built-up odors. Vacuuming regularly is also crucial in removing dog odor from carpets. Pet hair and dander can trap unpleasant smells, so ensure you vacuum all surfaces thoroughly. Another effective solution is investing in an air purifier specifically designed for pet owners. These devices filter out allergens and pollutants while neutralizing odors in the air. By following these steps consistently, you can successfully remove unpleasant dog odors from your home for good!


As we come to the end of this blog post, it is clear that dog odor removal is a crucial service for any pet owner. It not only eliminates unpleasant smells but also improves the overall air quality and hygiene of your home. OdorXpert’s dog odor removal service in Calabasas stands out as the best option for pet owners who want fast and effective results. With their state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians, they can eliminate even the toughest odors from your carpets, furniture, and other surfaces. If you’re struggling with persistent dog odors in your home or business, don’t hesitate to get OdorXpert today. Their team will work with you to assess your needs and provide a customized solution that meets your specific requirements. Remember, investing in professional dog odor removal services can save you time, money and help keep you healthy by removing harmful bacteria from the air!