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Are you tired of that persistent cat urine smell lingering in your home? Look no further than OdorXpert – the experts in eliminating odors! We understand how frustrating it can be to try and get rid of those pungent smells left behind by your furry friend. That’s why we offer the best service for getting rid of cat urine smells, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean again. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with OdorXpert!

What are the benefits of using OdorXpert to get rid of cat urine smell?

If you’re experiencing the unwanted smell of cat urine, OdorXpert can help. Our experts use the latest technologies and equipment to eliminate all traces of this odor. Plus, our services are affordable and easy to use. Here are some of the benefits of using OdorXpert: -Fast and Effective Results: Our team uses cutting-edge methods and equipment to get rid of cat urine smells quickly and efficiently. -Low Cost: Our services are affordable and won’t require any extra time or effort on your part. -No Hassle: We offer a hassle-free experience – you won’t have to deal with complicated instructions or wait long periods of time for results.

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How do you use OdorXpert to get rid of cat urine smell?

If you are looking to get rid of the cat urine smell in your home, OdorXpert is the perfect solution for you. Our expert technicians use the latest technology and tools to get rid of that awful smell fast. First, we will identify where the cat urine odor is coming from. We use a combination of air analysis and odor eliminator samples to determine where the problem is. Once we know where the problem is, our team can start working to eliminate it completely. Our technicians are experts at using OdorXpert technology. This equipment allows us to break down odors into their individual components so that we can target them specifically. This method ensures that the cat urine smell will be eliminated completely. We understand that not everyone wants to deal with a strong cat urine smell. That’s why we also offer our 24/7 service option. We can come out and take care of the problem as soon as possible so you can get back to living your life without worry about that lingering odor.

What should you do if your cat keeps peeing in the same spot?

If your cat keeps peeing in the same spot, there may be a problem. If the urine is constantly dripping or seeping from the surface where your cat is peeing, it’s likely that she is not using her bladder properly and needs help to learn how to go outdoors. There are several steps you can take to help get your cat on track: 1. Make sure your cat has plenty of fresh water and food. Hunger will encourage cats to use the bathroom outside more often. 2. Train your cat using positive reinforcement. When she uses the litter box regularly, offer her treats or toys in addition to praise and attention. 3. Get a urine detection system for your home if you think your cat is peeing outside the house frequently or in inappropriate places such as on carpets or furniture. This system will alert you when there’s an instance of urinary incontinence so you can take appropriate action.

What if the odor is too strong to be eliminated with OdorXpert?

If the odor from your cat’s urine is too strong to be eliminated with OdorXpert, there are a few other steps you can take to reduce or eliminate the smell. First, try steam cleaning the area where the urine was spilled. This will remove any bacteria that may have contributed to the odor. Next, mix 2 cups of white vinegar and 1/2 cup of water in a spray bottle and spritz the area liberally. Finally, cover the area with plastic wrap and allow it to sit for at least two hours before rinsing off.

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If you’re looking for a way to get your cat’s urine smell out of your home, OdorXpert is the perfect service for you! Our team of experts can work quickly and efficiently to remove the odor from any area of your home, leaving you smelling and feeling fresh and clean once again. Reach us today to schedule a free consultation, and we’ll be happy to show you just how effective our service can be!

Let's get rid of disgusting cat urine smell!

There’s no doubt that cat urine can be a real nuisance. Not only does it smell bad, but it can also stain furniture and carpets. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of that nasty smell, OdorXpert is the company for you. Our experts are skilled in removing every kind of urine odor, no matter how strong it may be. We’ll also help you clean up the affected areas so that they look as good as new again. So if you need help getting rid of that cat urine smell, reach on OdorXpert!


OdorXpert offers the best getting rid of cat urine smell service because our professionals use the latest technology and equipment to successfully eliminate any urine odor. Additionally, our team is experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with this problem, so you can be assured that your cat will stay safe and comfortable while we work on resolving the issue.
Depending on the severity of the odor, it could take as little as a few hours or as long as several days for OdorXpert to completely eliminate it. In most cases, however, it will only take a few short hours for us to achieve successful results.
Yes, our professional technicians will attempt to completely remove any and all traces of urine odor from your home. In some cases, depending on the severity of the odor, this may require multiple visits by our team; however, we always aim to complete the job quickly and efficiently so you can rest easy knowing that your cat is safe and comfortable while we work.

Get rid of cat urine smell today.

If your cat is peeing on the carpet, there are a number of things you can do to get rid of the smell. Here are some tips: 1. Vacuum the area regularly. This will help to remove any loose dirt and soil that may have been contaminated by the urine. 2. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 3 gallons of water and pour it into a spray bottle. spraying the area regularly will help to neutralize the urine smell and kills any bacteria that may be present. 3. Try using carbon dioxide-based air fresheners. These sprays work by emitting a gas that removes odor molecules from the air, thus reducing the smell of urine.

OdorXpert is the best getting rid-of cat urine smell service.

If you’re dealing with the unbearable smell of cat urine, OdorXpert is your best option. We offer a wide range of solutions to get rid of that distinct odor, from products and services to advice and support. Whether you have a single cat or a whole flock, we can help. Our team of experts has years of experience getting rid of urine odors, so we know just what to do. Plus, our solutions are safe for both cats and humans. Reach us today to get started on getting rid of that nasty cat pee smell!


Cat urine is one of the most difficult smells to get rid of. No matter how many times you wash your carpets, the smell will always come back. At OdorXpert, we understand this and offer the best getting rid of cat urine smell service in the business. We use only the latest technologies and strategies to get rid of that pesky cat urine smell fast and for good. Reach us today for a free consultation!